Logitech Expansion Mic for MeetUp

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Auxiliary mic for bigger meeting rooms

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Big Huddle Room Audio Enhancer

This Expansion Mic by Logitech adds extra flexibility in configuring set ups in bigger huddle rooms. Be default setting, the MeetUp Conference Cam by itself is equipped with integral mics with capacity to capture sound for up to 2.4 meters. Expansion Mic will allow to increase the reach to 4.2 meters. This add-on gadget will permit for everyone in the room to be heard - those on the discussion panel and seating in the far corners alike.


Великолепный звук на расстоянии до 4,2 м

Из-за существования большого разнообразия переговорных комнат разной площади, мы создали выносной микрофон MeetUp, который увеличивает диапазон звучания до 4,2 м. Так, каждый участник переговоров сможет ничего не пропустить.


Простой способ отключения звука во время вызова

Звук микрофона можно легко отключить с помощью кнопки на нем. Даже отдаленно сидящие участники могут выключить звук всего устройства громкой связи. Световой индикатор подает сигнал как об активном вызове и подключении по Bluetooth®, так и об отключении микрофона.


Additional features

Hear from as far as 4,2 meters - audibly.

Meanwhile default MeetUp Cam features cover vast majority of the conferencing needs in most huddle rooms, some rooms are too big or irregular in shape. It was for those unorthodox rooms, that Logitech created Expansion Mics. With this solution, whatever the room setup - there is a way to make everyone on the meeting heard - by extending the pick up range to massive 4.2 meters with Expansion Mic.

Mute your call in a sec

Muting the speakerphone system just takes a press on a mute button and can be done by any of the participants - however far at the table they sit. For everyone’s convenience - there is a light indicator, that signals whether the cal is on, muted or when Bluetooth® wireless pairing has started.

Additional information



Expansion Mics

Height x Width x Depth: 13.4 mm x 83 mm x 83 mm

Weight: 302 g


Connection Type: Plug-and-play
Indicator Lights (LED): LED indicator confirms video streaming, microphone mute, on-hold, and Bluetooth pairing, etc.
Microphone Type: Mono, wideband, noise canceling
Buttons / Switch: Microphone mute
Cable Length: 6 m



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99.99 EUR

Механизм крепления камеры для проведения конференций MeetUp

Logitech Expansion Mic for MeetUp
249 EUR

Auxiliary mic for bigger meeting rooms

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